Acetabular Implants

Craniotech manufactures custom acetabular implants for complex cases to optimize filling of acetabular bone defect and maximizing implant to bone contact, without the need for excessive bone resection. Individualized screw placement, trajectory and length are incorporated for each implant to enable screws to be placed in the best available bone stock with safety and within the confines of the surgical exposure.

Moreover, porous surfaces (trabecular structure) are added to maximize bone ingrowth. The optimal cup size, inclination and version angles are predetermined and included in the design, such that an off-the-shelf acetabular cup can be cemented into it.

The implant is made by 3D printing using a medical grade titanium alloy (Ti64 – ELI). In addition, a plastic anatomical model and an implant demo are 3D printed for preoperative planning purposes, further facilitating implant insertion and intraoperative positioning.

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