Talus Implants

Avascular necrosis of the talus bone is as a result of a loss in blood supply to the talus. Several factors may contribute to this, such as a fracture that has damaged the blood vessels in this area. If the blood supply remains restricted to the talus, arthritis can often occur, otherwise severe pain and degraded joint function is observed.

Most common surgical procedures to remedy this would include either an ankle fusion, decompression of the talus, muscle flap to restore blood flow, or bone graft. Due to the intricacy of this bone and its location, these solutions can still be discomforting. 

With the latest in 3D printing technologies, Craniotech can replicate a talus implant to mimic the patient’s exact geometry. Along with this implant, the surgeon is provided with all necessary guides to enable a perfect placement with minimal invasive surgical techniques.